Study Hungarian!

Study Hungarian!

I have been teaching English, business English and Hungarian in the last 9 years. I have experience in teaching Hungarian to busy business people and foreigners living in Hungary. I have tutored people from Germany, Bulgaria, Israel and Russia. I have developed a method that allows my students to quickly learn Hungarian via video skype or live in person tutoring. I also work as a translator and interpreter.

My name is Veronika Stadler and I am a native hungarian speaker. I have lived in Florida, USA, and Copenhagen, Denmark before. I am fluent in both English and Russian. I love to learn and teach languages.

Hungarian tutor Budapest

Tutoring Prices

HUF 6000/ 60 min

HUF 8500/ 90 min

HUF 11000/ 120 min




Alice Cooper recommends you coming to Budapest
and I recommend you to study the language of this wonderful country – study Hungarian:  
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